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Is Loudoun County Ready For The Spotted Lantern Fly?


With spring just around the corner, many people are looking forward to longer and warmer days. But the change of season can also bring the awakening of a pest that has the potential to wreak havoc for commercial businesses and private homeowners alike — the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula).

The Spotted Lanternfly was originally observed just northwest of Philadelphia in 2014 and rapidly became a severe problem for many southwestern Pennsylvania counties. As of June 2018, the Spotted Lanternfly was detected in Frederick County, Virginia, demonstrating the quick dissemination of this insect.

The owner of Donegan's Tree Service and ISA Certified Arborist, Jim Donegan, hopes Loudoun County can use the last bit of winter as a first defense against these pests. He believes that if the "temperatures get down to 9°F and below for 3 to 7 days" it has the potential to decrease the population of colonies for the Spotted Lanternfly.

With the help of Donegan’s Tree Service and David Paar (one of the leading ISA Certified Arborists located within the epicenter of the original occurrence) the observation, development, and management of this insect is under rigorous analysis. Donegan and Paar hope that the community can prevent this pest from making its way into Loudoun County in what could be a massive attack on our natural and economic health.

Crys Bauer, B.S. in Sustainable Resource Management

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Jim Donegan